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With 474 words that start with letters of the Alphabet and over 430 pictures.  Kids love it!  Yours will too!

Learning the ABCs has never been so fun! Jelly Bean Slide takes her young readers on an adventure, teaching them the alphabet and exciting new words along the way. This comprehensive alphabet book was written by parents intuned with sharing the fundamentals of reading to all children. If we can teach our kids the love of reading, a whole new world opens up to them. Hopefully, Jelly Bean Slide can help in creating a fun and effective foundation of reading for kids everywhere!

Learn the Alphabet with Jelly Bean Slide children's book on ACBs

Jelly Bean Slide proudly supports the V Foundation for Cancer Research, The American Red Cross and Banner Health – Diamond Children’s Medical Center.

A percentage from each book sold will be donated to one of these fine organizations.

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“…best Alphabet Book ever”

“…My Kids Love it”

“…so many words that begin with the letters of the Alphabet”

“…Learning the ABC’s has never been so fun”

“My kids absolutely love it and it helps my three year old to understand the letter better when he actually see what things
start with that letter I love it. It’s amazing perfect ideas!!”

Fun with Jelly Bean Slide from A to Z

About the Author

Kevin Miller, Author of Jelly Bean Slide children's book series

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With 474 different words that start with letters of the Alphabet and 430 pictures – this is the best Alphabet book in stores, online and in the libraries…EVER!  Let me know if you don’t agree.

Mission Statement –

If Jelly Bean Slide had a mission statement this is what it would be.
Jelly Bean Slide loves to teach kids in many ways, as you will see.

She loves to go on adventures and she learns things along the way,
but learning is only half the fun because you have to have time to play.

Jelly Bean Slide also knows that not every child has the same chances.
So Jelly Bean Slide would like you to know just exactly what her stance is.

She wants children to go on adventures and get outside and play;
imagining that they are a princess, astronaut or explorer, if only just for one day.

Every child should have the opportunity to imagine and that’s what reading can do.
Jelly Bean Slides mission is to make those imaginations come true.

By sharing her adventures with children no matter who or where they are,
she can open up the minds of the next shining stars.

Jelly Bean Slide will fight for all children no matter their chances.
This is my mission statement.  This is what my stance is.


Learn the Alphabet with The Adventures of Jelly Bean Slide.

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