The Jelly Bean Slide Alphabet Song

 A special Thank You to the students from Pusch Ridge Christian Academy and Casas Christian Elementary School for contributing to the Jelly Bean Slide Alphabet Song and to Casey Robinson and Amanda Johnson, respectively for allowing them to do so.  The song wouldn’t be the same without them.

The Jelly Bean Slide Alphabet Song


Are you ready to learn the Jelly Bean Slide Alphabet song? …”YEAAAHHHHH”

Alright…Here We Go….

A is for Apple that grows on the trees and

B is for Bunny as cute as she can be

Chocolate Chip Cookies all start with C and

Dogs and Dolphins both start with the letter Deeeeeee

E is for elbows, ears and eyes and

F is for Fingers, Food and French Fries

G is for Grass and this Guitar I play

H is for Horses and they eat all the Haaaaayyyy

I is for Imagination – you can’t go wrong

J is for Jelly Bean “SLIDE”…….. and this is her song

Kids start with K and so does your knee

L is for love

And M stands for Mommies

N is for Nice and that’s what we’ll be

O is for Octopus that lives in the sea

P is for popcorn, pretzels and peanuts

Q is for quack and that’s the sound of a duck – C’mon Ducks

Quack Quack Quack…

Rain and Reindeer both start with R

And S if for “SLIDE”…..and a Shooting Star

T is for Tummies and also Toes

U is for Unicorn and that’s how it goes

V is for vegetables that you eat every day

W is for wiggling and that’s how we play

X is for X-ray that looks at your bones

And Y is for Yummy, yummy Ice Cream Cones

Zebra and Zoo both start with Z and so does Zoom – wouldn’t you agree…….”YEAAAHHHHH”

“Alright, alright – that was great –are you ready do it a little faster  – C’MON”

A B C D E F G and G Stand for Goodness in all of thee

H I J K L M N O P and P stands for Positivity

Q R S T U V W     X      Y   and   Zeeeeeee

Now that you know the Jelly Bean Slide Alphabet song go get your friends and will all sing along

I say Jelly Bean You say Slide

Jelly Bean – “SLIDE”

Jelly Bean – “SLIDE”

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